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June is a season of

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Registreringsdatum: 17 januari 2019
Inlägg: 61

InläggPostat: lör jul 27, 2019 3:44    Rubrik: June is a season of Svara med citat

June is a season of smog and rain; June is a season of extra enthusiasm for the sun; June is a season of sweating; June is a rejoicing of the spring season of the youth, the beginning of the sun, knowing I didn��t bother to stop, and the ancient road outside the fence cast a little bit of light, and a trace of cool wind slid through the cracks of the tree. Today and June, it is another season in early summer. June is a season of hot weather mixed with wind and rain. It is a season of sweat soaking youth and wind-washing. Today and in June, I looked at the morning glory of the morning glory in the courtyard. The hot air is nowhere to be, so I feel a little strong withoutDuring the Qingming small holiday, the children went to the fascinating Bayi Glacier to play along the way Newport Cigarettes. The children were excited and said non-stop, constantly describing the glaciers in the fantasy. The Bayi Glacier is located on the southern slope of the Nanshan Mountain in the middle section of the Qilian Mountains. It is the source of the second largest inland river Heihe River in China. The glaciers are ice-capped glaciers that develop on a gentle mountaintop. It is more than 4,000 meters above sea level. It is a quiet, primitive place. Mysterious natural ecological environment. The blue sky, white clouds, glaciers and hills are the perfect place for tourism and photography. A rain and snow in the evening makes the mountains and trees look extraordinarily beautiful. We appreciate the scenery all the way. It can be said that it is a step by step landscape. On both sides of the road, there are green pine trees that are tall and straight, or grasslands that are flat and grassy, ??or cattle and sheep that walk down, the shepherd's house, the winding hills and the snow-capped mountains on the top. Like a white dragon squatting, the children patted the scenery all the way through the window. After passing through Buffalo Township, the road leading to the Bayi Glacier was a section of sand road. Some of the cars were bumpy and the daughter was happy to say: "Brother, have you adjusted the speed to the vibration?" The son said: "There are knowing it. Today, in June, I saw the students who went to the examination room, sweating under the sun. I saw the parents who were worried outside the examination room, waiting for their children to take the test together. I also remembered my young senior high school entrance examination. And how many lonely college entrance examinations. I remembered those days and looked at the people who struggled for life in the examination room. I unconsciously remembered my youth, remembered my high school entrance examination, and remembered the love and endless warmth and exhaustion of the parents in those years Cheap Cigarettes. I am sad, I remember that the sky was raining on the day of the test, and my mood was also lost. But I can��t and I don��t allow myself to take it lightly in the examination room. I remember that it was raining, the sky was still hot, and the palms were still braving. A thin layer of sweat, I don��t know if it��s because of tension or because it��s very hot; I remember, at that time we worked very hard, worked hard, forgot to eat, and forgot to play; I remember, after the exam, we held a graduation party, we talked about dreams. We are drunk, we talk nonsense; I still remember, we graduated, we laughed Newport 100S, laughed and cried, just in June, just in today's dream-like dream season. I don't know how many people can accompany me to remember our youth. Just in this June, just when things are not right and wrong Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and then returning to the alma mater, it has changed somewhat. The only thing that remains unchanged is that there are some thoughts in the heart. And memories, as well as the complex emotions that can't be said when they grow up. We grew up, just in this June, we recall that we remembered it. In June, it is a graduation season, but there is no banquet in the world. We will still have to pursue our dreams and go to June. It is a rainy season. After the shower, the sky becomes clearer and brighter. The green leaves are shining more and more. The lake is crystal clear, the blue sky and white clouds are against each other, and the waves are fluctuating back and forth in the lake Cigarettes For Sale. My heart is also clearing up the four seasons, supporting us how many years, and supporting our dreams and sweat. This June, I came to our side as always, and I was as passionate as ever.

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